“Variety is the spice of life”, so true yet so many of us dance the same way over and over.

If you want to reinvigorate your zest for dancing, then you have come to the right place.

  • Jive partner dancingEnter the world of expressive dancing. There are more and more venues offering this now. Cotswold Blu, The Tithe Barn, I-Dance and C & S dancing. All of which are some way from Hereford. We can give you a taster and get you more confident and comfortable with this style of dancing Jive.
  • Jive at the parkLearn the art of the follow. A few get to grips with this quite quickly. Others struggle a little. Or to be honest, they struggle a lot. If you are prepared to put your hands up and admit that some individual tuition would help, then book a session. We will turn you into a light, responsive dancer that leaders crave.
  • dancing magic - a partner + music + beerThe Max Jive experience. There is one word that sums it up. Euphoric. With the right music – your favorite tracks, dancing in harmony with someone that can put you through your paces, it become electric. Fast and slow. Smooth, flowing Jive. Unbeatable in the world of Jive. It is far removed from what you may be accustomed to for it is not 1940’s old hat style, yet you use the exact same moves, but with more variations added of course.
  • Jive americanaPivot your leading to something new. New ideas, new concepts that banishes that feeling of going over the same ground, week after week.
  • Role reversal. I have begun to accept that it will take an eternity for things to change. People prefer misogyny and sexism. Do you? Do you want to relinquish your right to vote? Should men pay less to get into a dance hall? Push aside the politics, we could debate this for years. We each have our own ideas and there seems to be little agreement. In the meantime, if you want to learn the lead properly, with an actual man, then here is your chance. I may sound a bit… Shall I say arrogant? Maybe but I have danced with some 4000 women in 10 counties. From New Zealand, Hawaii to China and you heard that right, North Korea. It is actually the Democratic People’s republic of Korea and I danced with a guide beside the Juche Tower in Pyongyang. From tall women, short women, skinny women to the not so skinny. What matters is one thing. Passion and the desire to dance better. That is two things. In fact, there is probably lots of things beside that.

For a mere £10 a session you can pick what suits your mood or have a mix of all the above. Put all that time and effort you have expended going to class after class into action. From there you can home in on a dance buddy somewhere to continue the fun and the joy.

  • I have led the way. I have taught quite a few individuals to dance well. I have taken some from not very good, beyond so-so to what I deem to be quite good. Now is your chance to see dance in a new light. Rest assured, I have patience and no airs and graces. So, you will be welcome whoever you are and whatever stage you are at. My aim is to encourage people to make connections via dance.

What to expect?

Every class begins with a brief discussion about your current dancing level and what you aim to achieve. That may be a refresh on techniques or starting from scratch!

You will be shown the art of the follow step-by-step or the fundamentals of the lead with a tutor in an hour-long class. Each class will be adapted to your level and ability. It will be at your pace.

Learn with confidence and have fun!

Plenty of parking. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7.30pm / 8.30pm to suit. Easy to find: The Plough Inn. Stoke Lacy. HR7 4GH. On the main A465 Hereford - Bromyard road.




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